How to Use the Directory

Listings are free. Anyone may create a listing or write a review: you just need to create an account. Please see our policies for creating and maintaining listings.

We’ve created a series of videos to help you use the Lake Atitlan Directory more effectively. Scroll down the page to see videos on the following topics:

You can search the directory by word, phrase, or by category.

Creating An Account

You need to have an account to create a listing, claim a listing, or write a review. You can create an account on the site, or you can use a social media account to log in. We do not store any of your social media login information!

Adding a Listing

Please search the directory before you add a review and verify that the business or service does not yet have an entry. Multiple entries will be deleted!

Listings should be factual. Opinions about and experiences with businesses belong in reviews, not the listings themselves. Listings are subject to editing for clarity. Reviews will never be edited.

Claiming a Listing

Business owners my claim a listing and update listing information.

Writing Reviews

Reviews should be based on your experience or knowledge of the product or service, and that experience must have been within the past year. If you write a negative review because you don’t like someone and it does not reflect your experience with their product or service, your review will be removed. If you write a review about something that happened five or ten years ago, it will be removed.