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Calle del Estadio, Panajachel, Guatemala.
Calle al Estadio, Plaza Mendoza Panajachel Sololá 11202 GT


We are a local company dedicated to bring our customers comfortable environments.

  • Architecture
    • Design and Execution
  • Construction
  • Remodeling
    • Business
    • Home
  • Solar Energy
    • Solar Heater
    • Solar Electricity
  • PVC Windows and Doors
  • Ecology and Sustainability Building Projects and Advice

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NovaDeco did a great job for us

Another company installed a solar water heater on our casita in Panajachel. When the roof immediately started leaking, that company would not help us move the water heater in a timely manner so we could replace the roof.

Instead we called NovaDeco. They removed the water heater, replaced the roof, and reinstalled the water heater–doing a much better job than the original installers. They did it fast, too. We greatly appreciated their quick work because nobody wants a leaking roof during the rainy season!

  • Catherine Todd
    Tracis, thank you for this excellent review! Is the contact info for NovaDeco listed on this site? If not, what is it? Also, do they do solar water heaters or did they just repair the poor work done by the first company? Who is the first company so we can avoid using them? We are going to have solar hot water installed very shortly and need to know who to avoid at all costs. Thanks.
  • NovaDeco
    On regards to your coment, we do execute solar panel instalations as well a solar heaters. You can contact us by calling 47403057 and we can visit your house or you can visit our office in panajachel for more info.
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El Amate, Panajachel, Solola 0.11 km

Chain hardware store. Tile, paint, fixtures, tools.

Open daily, half day on Sunday.

TS Digital Services

We build and manage websites!

Our focus is helping small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and artists of all kinds build and manage their websites efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how you can benefit from our website management services.

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Callejon Juzgado Zona 2 Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km
4224 26484224 2648

Gynecologist / Obstetrician located at PanaMed. Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala 0.15 km
4224 26484224 2648

Pana’s newest and largest group specialized medical practice. Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Trauma/Orthopedic specialist, Pediatrics, Naturopathic Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition. State of the art surgical suite and delivery room, with in patient rooms with 24 hour nursing support. By appointment only Also providing after hours emergency care.

Located on the street the goes between Ferreteria La Nueva and Ferretera Central, about one block up on the left.

Wedding at Hotel Bambu
Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km

We take care of all your wedding music

We work with local hotels that are suburb wedding venues, or we’ll come to your wedding location.

We collaborate with you to create the perfect playlist for your special day. Need a dance band? We know many Lake Atitlán musicians and can easily put together a band.

Have a special song in mind for your ceremony or first dance? If we don’t know it, we’ll learn it for you. We perform music in a variety of styles.

Entertain your guests with the skill and personality of live music–it’s more affordable than you may think!!

Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km


Newborns, kids and adolescents.


Speaks English. Call for an appointment.

Located in the PanaMed building on the little street that runs between Ferreteria Nueva and Central Ferretera. The building is about a block up the street on the left.

Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala 0.15 km

Our mission is to provide basic music instruction for children in Panajachel who may not otherwise have such an opportunity. We outreach to the community to recruit students and provide scholarships to study with qualified professional musicians.

Atitlan Music School is a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code.
Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km

The B&B is now in its 10th year in Panajachel and we are happy to guide you in exploring the local culture including; the best local sites and tours, schedules for artisan market days and the ultimate culinary stops that this lake town has to offer. Everyone is welcome!

At Jenna’s B&B we speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and Hebrew. The aim of this bed and breakfast is for people to feel at home so you can go forth to explore and come back to somewhere comfy.

Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala 0.15 km

Music for all occasions: weddings, parties, or just for fun.

Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km

Orthopedics and trauma.

Speaks English. Call for an appointment.

Located in the PanaMed building on the little street that runs between Ferreteria Nueva and Central Ferretera. The building is about a block up the street on the left.

Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala 0.15 km

We do private rides to the destinations on the image attached.

-Airport Pick Ups and Drop Offs are our focus.


We charge Q. 600.00

24/7 services.

Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala 0.15 km

Chico – the electrician/plumber/do everything guy!  Really he can do anything!!

Servicio Technico Etcetera
Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km
Tigo: 4626 2880, Claro 4230 9266Tigo: 4626 2880, Claro 4230 9266

Service and repair of computers and cellular phones.

Does not have a storefront. Call for more information.

Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala 0.15 km
 Abbasi Restaurant closed their Panajachel location as of July 29, 2017.
Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala 0.15 km

This business is no longer open.

Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala 0.15 km

An ex-pat hangout where the waitstaff and owners are super nice (looking at you, Bruce), the drinks awesome, and they serve a simple bar menu (burgers, fries, nachos).

From their website:

Our party hostel rooms and dorm beds provide a safe, secure environment in the center of the action. We offer three co-ed dorm rooms with clean, comfortable beds and shared showers and bathroom facilities.

Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala 0.15 km

Electrical and appliance repair (refrigerators, washers, and dryers). Does not speak English.

raw coconut yogurt
Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km

Raw food cake, cheeses coconut yogurt with probiotics

puppies on the road.jpg
Panajachel, Guatemala 0.15 km

As an officially registered Guatemalan non-profit Asociación, the design of the Ayuda program is based on an extreme over-population of domestic animals, and caring citizens, businesses, schools,  local and national government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations which share our philosophies and goals.

POPULATION CONTROL: Ayuda facilitates professional spay/neuter sterilization services for needy dogs and cats.  As part of our standard treatments, we also provide for vaccinations against deadly local diseases such as Parvo and Distemper, along with internal and external parasite treatments.

Our weekly sterilization clinics are generally scheduled on Thursdays.  Currently, we routinely facilitate clinics in 4 major villages and their aldeas. Impoverished locals and local rescuers are welcome to bring animals to any of our clinics.

Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala 0.15 km

Speaks some English.

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